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iPhone Android Solutions was founded with a triple-fold motive to keep both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy people informed about the hottest trends of the technology world, to provide easy solutions to relevant problems and to encourage guest blogging. This blog brings to you some of the most originally crafted, narrative pieces of writing from pro bloggers and writers from all across the globe, blending in more personal storytelling and interesting talks, rather than idle, boring blabbering.

iPhone Android Solutions is currently being nurtured under Esolz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an avant-garde web design, development and digital marketing company in California. We take pride in tagging ourself the early adopters of technology. We love talking technology – gadgets and gizmos, apps and widgets, games and hacks, tips and tricks – everything about it. But, most of all, we take a special interest in listening to those who do the same and help us enrich our knowledge bank even more.This site for Free Article, blog and guest post in India

The blog has been built with an intention to connect with the huge motley of tech-talkers who make sincere and efficacious attempts to provide an information-hungry audience with quality content, in-depth stories about latest product launches, leaks, gossips, rumors, minor and major aspects and every possible web-native data of the past time as well as of the present. In this age of the Internet of things, we believe information is the face of the big web. We are only, earnestly promoting it.