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Caliber – Messaging App Especially For Business Professionals

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The world of applications for Android, Blackberry, or for iPhone devices are ever increasing with every passing day. The new kid on the block is Caliber, a messaging app that will let you to instantly chat with your business contacts.

Caliber App – Know About It

Although, Linkedin was offering their platform for the business professionals or start ups to connect with other industry colleagues and helped them to carve out a niche in the business networking space. But in today’s competitive environment, just growing connections doesn’t help you need to stay in touch with them also.

A new app called Caliber is in town, that offers a different take on Linkedin. It allows the users to chat with their Linkedin contacts, as well as it can help them to grow their professional network.Very much like WhatsApp, which allows you to chat with your friends; there’s Caliber, a business messaging app which is meant for professional networking.

This app allows the users to filter out the personal contacts and keep the conversations professional. If the user wants to search a specific person or a business contact, then they will be able to do that very easily. Users can easily filter out the search results like company, location, skills, etc.

This app is easily available for Android and iPhone devices.

App Details

Though it was launched last year, and offered the users with a Tinder-like app for making business connections, but a need was felt that, only reaching the contacts would be not enough. Users wanted to message or chat with their business contacts also, and wanted to keep everything spam free.

Caliber has been designed by using the technologies of both WhatsApp and Linkedin. This app serves as a platform that will allow the user to connect with business contacts through an instant messaging system.

This app will conncect with the user’s Linkedin profile, import their contacts, ask them their interests, and can also suggest about relevant professionals with whom you want to connect. Alternately, if the person with whom you want to connect isn’t using this app, then they will get a message request through Linkedin.

If the concerned person is using the app, then a pop up will come up in the app. Only on responding to that pop-up, the contacts can be added. After that, users can get push messages, in reply to a message. Finally, if two people are already having a Linkedin connection, and are using this app, then they can message each other instantly.

The app will not barrage the users with requests, the moment you log in to this app. No push notifications will come for the contact requests. Rather, after a certain period of time, say about 1 week, users will receive a ranked list of people who contacted them. The list goes in this way – top of the list are the names of those are those who have mutual connections with you, next the names of other invitees.

Features Of This App

  • Powerful Search: This app offers simplified searching process. The users can search by name or find professionals based on their professional experience like skills, roles, and companies.
  • Instant Messaging: Through this app, the users will be able to chat with their business contacts with the same ease like the other popular messaging apps.
  • Business Contacts Only: This app will allow to synchronize the existing professional contacts from LinkedIn.
  • Spam Free: This app allows the users to connect with new professionals, without any need to worry about any spam.

Pros Of This App

Currently, this application will only allow messaging between those who are in your contacts.

Cons Of This App

This app lacks other features like video calling, or file sharing, or to make a connection with other people who are in other social network like Twitter, Dribbble, or AngelList or making appointments. Company officials have claimed to come over these drawbacks in the future version of the app.

Bottom Line

For the time being, this app will allow the users to connect and chat with other business professionals on the go. So, lets see, how smooth the app runs for the business professionals in making their connections and chatting with them. You can give it a try.

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