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Common Web Design Mistakes Needs To Be Avoided By Web Designers Which Can Kill Conversions

Websites Important For Business Houses

For any business houses, websites act as the platform to connect with the potential customers over the internet. Business houses needs to have a well-planned website, which can help them in the successful marketing of their business on the web. The significance of good website design can be comprehended from the fact that, in today’s digital age, individuals first like to see how well the website of the organization is done. An unattractive site will make the visitors disappointed and the will leave the website immediately.

We all know that first impression counts a lot for anything, so is the case of a website. On the off chance that if the person thinks that the site is alluring then they will stay on the site for long, else they will not. In all probability they will visit those sites, which soothes their senses and find it pleasing. An attractive site can stand the chance of bringing back the visitors again and again. Aside from this, a well-designed site improves the credibility of the business house, helps in bringing more traffic and expands client retention.

The World Of Web Design Varies From Person To Person

The world of web design is facing a rapid change, and one needs to be careful about it. Very much like the advancements and changes taking place in the field of technology, so is web design. Some modern web designs can affect the website in a negative manner. One might think, even after conforming to the modern tools and technologies for web design how can it be possible?

It is quite obvious that using these tools the website can be given a cooler look, but complications might arise. These tools and technologies can be helpful for the website’s growth. One thing which we should not forget is that remaining updated with the latest trends or technology is not always necessary. Most important thing is to filter out the things that can prove useful for the website from the things that is not beneficial for the site.

Web design is considered a tricky subject. Generally, people forms different opinion regarding what constitutes a good web design and what doesn’t. For some, a site needs to be sleek and up-to-date. For others, a site design does not matters as much as the contents are important. Well, depending on the industry or the type of business one is having, web design depends.

Mistake In Web Design Process Which Goes Unnoticed & Lead To Lower Conversions

Being a web designer, priding about ones own work is quite common. But did you know that you might be making some minor mistakes in the web designing process, which can lower down the conversion rate and revenue for the website.

Even though they are just simple or minute mistakes which can be easily fixed, yet it can have a huge impact on the conversion rates. Basically, these mistakes not only worsen the user- experience, but also kill website conversions. It is to be noticed that web designers often commit errors while designing a site and botches in site design can lead to a site that sucks. A gravely designed site shows to lack professionalism and does not adequately convey organization’s message to the clients. Subsequently, it results in loss of both clients and incomes.

Paying attention to the following points by the web designers, can help the websites to be optimized for the results that one wants to see. Thus, web designers ought to comprehend that a well-designed site is engaging, accessible, and productive; offering quality contents to the visitors. They can without much of a stretch design a decent site, in the event that they abstain from making the following slip-ups.

Mistakes To Avoid In Web Designing Projects In 2016 That Kill Conversions

Getting visitors to visit and interact with a website isn’t the same thing as converting the visitors to potential customers. Some of the newest trends in web design which may come in the way of the conversions are as follows –

  • Less Content & More Images - If images take most of the website page, then it can provide a chaotic feeling to the visitors. A chaotic feeling is not good and visitors generally do not associate it with a professional business dealings. Images should be used sparingly, and it should not obscure the purpose of the page. Also using too many images or low-quality images can affect the site in a bad way. It can result in more loading time which will make the sites slow. Too many images and less content can affect the site’s SEO. This will lead to the visitors loosing interest to the site and conversion will not take place.
  • Website Not Responsive - Today, most of the people surf the net from their smartphones or tablets. So, if a website is not having a responsive web design, then the site will not be able to target the tab and mobile users. As a result it can loose most of the probable customers.
  • Complicated Navigation - Studies have shown that users love to go for user-friendly websites that are anything but not difficult to explore. Keeping in mind that one just have a few seconds to fetch the attention of the potential client, that is the reason it is vital that all the important and pertinent data is effectively available. Sadly, this can be difficult to accomplish when the navigation process is excessively complex for the client, making it impossible to understand.

    A complicated navigation process of a site, stands the chance of making guests feel befuddled and baffled. In the wake of arriving on your site’s page, if a client does not comprehend where to go next, he will get irritated and will proceed towards some other site.In this context, it is said that site navigation ought to be sensible and easy to comprehend. One should abstain from utilizing navigation links in the body content. Thus, navigation plays a great part in the usability, client experience, and conversion process for a site.

  • Distracting Animation - It has been assumed that in 2016, a great web design trend is the use of rich animations and interactive graphics. Having these two things will keep the visitors engaged to the site. It can also help the visitors to remain focussed on core areas. Even though it is considered as a great thing, it should be used in the right way. This means that misuse or excessive use of animations can be a death knell for the site. Instead of engaging the visitors, it can make them confused and irritated.
  • Slow Loading Speed - Slow loading speed most of the time results in page abandonment, which most of the websites suffer from. Sometimes unnecessary elements leads to make the loading speed of the websites get slower. Removing the extra features from a site can help in the loading speed of the site.
  • Massive Images - We all know that images/pictures are fundamental for the successful web designing. Studies have shown that, brain can process a picture around 60,000 times faster than it can process a content, which makes them precious to incredible site design. Be that as it may, there’s a limit to the images with respect to its size.

    For example, using a single big image with the content in the site’s background can be extremely powerful in drawing the attention of the visitors. But, an excess of these images will just result in attention diversion. Added to that, massive images often find it difficult to adjust within the small screen size of the mobile devices. With the world turning to responsive design, with the increase in the mobile web users, it is extremely vital to keep the images within the confined size, in order to avoid distortions which is the main cause of customer abandonment.

  • Many Plugins - Plugins in web design are very important and it offers flexibility to a site. It helps a site to introduce new features or add new design to the site. Web designers can get huge collections of free plugins from the web, which are hassle free to use. But using too many plugins to a hosted website, can be detrimental to the loading speed/ time of the site.

Thus, site loading speed forms an important factor, for the consumers. Studies have shown that if a site takes more than three seconds to load, can result in the abandonment of the page. This in turn will result in the benefit of the competitors site, and a loss for the prospective business house by loosing potential customers. In turn it also means, loss of revenue and conversion for the business.

Current configuration are mind boggling apparatuses that can be utilized to connect with a more extensive group of onlookers and make striking sites. Be that as it may, escaping with cutting edge plan components can prompt lost brand personality and lessened changes. Well, by avoiding these mistakes web designers can contribute towards a more conversion rate for the business houses.

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