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Countries to Top The Chart Due to The Fastest Internet Connectivities

“ The Internet has changed everything” – from the way of living to cognitive thinking and the process of communicating. If you have not yet explored the extensive expanse of digital conversation, you are living under a rock! The era of Internet is gradually taking a new shape, and moving towards a new direction where life without the web is absolutely passe. As per the statistics, the world’s half of the population is actively using the Internet today. They turn up to Google for the most trivial of requirements, and thus, increasingly becoming preoccupied with the undeniable fad of Internet. Here in this blog, we are all set to shed a light on the countries that are expected to rule the roost in 2017 according to the speed of Internet connection. Have an interesting read –

Here are top ten countries with the speediest Internet connection speed

  1. South Korea
  2. Ireland
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Sweden
  5. Netherlands
  6. Japan
  7. Switzerland
  8. Norway
  9. Latvia
  10. Finland

The United Kingdom has earned 23rd ranking, the United States 20th, China 11th, and Australia 50th. According to the report, the world average is 5mbps. The list of the worst-performing countries mostly belongs to Africa, the Middle East, South America and the South Pacific. The list of the speediest Internet connection providers has been topped by Singapore, followed by Hong kong, South Korea, Kuwait, and Romania. The United Kingdom has come 27th and the United States 22nd in the ranking.

A brief overview of the countries, claiming to fame due to the Internet connection speed

Once again, South Korea has become the chart topper in the field for the average Internet connection speed metric, in spite of having just 1 2.5% quarter-over-quarter drop in connection speeds. Owing to the diligence and hard work of the South Korean government, the country has earned such a great deal of accolades. In the year 1990, the South Korean government understood the huge potential the broadband industry encapsulates for the economy. After establishing an exponentially robust national infrastructure for high-speed Internet, it introduced regulations to put the best foot of broadband market in today’s competitive world.

Google, the search giant has its eyes set on the regions of Asia Pacific. It has made a number of infrastructure investments in the particular region during the third quarter of 2016. In the month of June, Google along with some of the major Asian telecommunications organizations had deployed FASTER that is a 60 Tbps submarine cable linking the United States and
Japan. The cable is expected to beef up the average speed for Google throughout Asia. Subsequently, Google entered a partnership with RailTel and the Indian Railways for bringing public Wi-Fi to more than 50 train stations across India along with more than 3.5 million of users accessing it every month.

Wrapping up

As per the experts, the high population of South Korea has worked in favor of the country. It’s been speculated that almost 80% of the countrymen reside in urban areas – looking for fast and smooth Internet connections. In fact, attributing to the growing percentage of urban population, countries like Singapore and Hong Kong are boasting on high Internet speed. As per the Akamai report, at a 5.3% increase, Singapore has experienced the hugest jump in connection speeds from the former quarter.

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