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For the Ones Who Hate Evernote: How to Use the App Right

When everyone on this planet seems to have caught the Evernote fever, why, then, is there a second kind to detest the app from the bottom of the heart?

Interestingly, this particular kind has never really bothered to try out Evernote or even if it has, chances are less that it was used in the most appealing, right way. Often, users are heard complaining how they could never get the hang of the app or even how single-platform apps were much better than a cross-platform app as such.

But the gist of this entire anti-Evernote story is that, the fox failing to eat the grapes, doesn’t make the fruit sour. So, how sweet are the grapes? Here’s an analysis.

It’s not just a note taker. It’s cross-platform, remember?

Those not raving about Evernote should definitely know this – it’s a single stage with a lot of wonders taking place. And if you prefer it just as a note taker, you are simply ruminating on only a single, little piece of the candy over and over again. Like chewing cud.

Evernote is essentially Jack of all trades and master of none. This, of course, isn’t bad a tag for the app which is a note taker, a repository of your documents, a recipe box, a bookmark, an audio recorder and what not – all at the same time. So, even if it’s slow, it still is a darling.

Isn’t the Web Clipper an amazing feature?

For those who took this feature of Evernote to be not to the purpose, just think about this – which second app has allowed users to save web pages in all entirety? In just a click, that too? Remember how you had to struggle to save those classified listings which expired so easily? Well, none, other than Evernote could manage such a mess.

Now you may cut my point stating how saving an entire web page is so easy on a desktop or laptop. But then, it’s only Evernote that lets users take notes on it or save it with other related notes. Isn’t it amazing? And what’s more, the Web Clipper feature also merges with Google, making query tasks easier.

How do I take a note from a book I am reading?

I am not talking about taking notes from e-books. They are commonplace. What I am talking about is how to jot down something without actually having to jot it down on a real paper. It’s with the help of Evernote. The photo-capturing feature of the app lets users click a snapshot of a page they are reading and also optimize it for clarity and a better view.

Again, you may object stating how a simple smartphone camera can solve this issue. But, where actually can you avail the facility of highlighting or jotting down comments on a picture as such, straightaway? Think.

Did you think the ‘tag’ option was just a waste of time?

No, it isn’t. In fact, it’s great. Just imagine how jumbled up your archive would be without some tags defining what’s what? You would definitely have a hard time filtering out what you need.

How about keeping all your information handy?

Stop thinking notes. Start thinking shopping. And you’ll suddenly realize how wonderful Evernote is. The app lets you create checklists so that you’ll ever miss out on anything you’ve planned to buy. Further, from measurements of your clothes sizes to that of your furniture to even which type of ink your printer feeds on, everything can be stored using the app.

Do you keep losing important documents every time?

You don’t have to anymore. With the Evernote app, you can organize your medical prescriptions in the most amusing way. You can store it as a photograph, or have a picture of those pill strips and even the pills taken to keep a track of your little medical store. Further, you can also store warranty cards, birth and degree certificates, contracts and a lot of other important stuff in the form of PDFs using Evernote.

And, if you think that the huge collection of movies, books and video games that you own is getting messier day by day, install the app and create a virtual library of your majestic collection. With it, you’ll never have to forget which friend took which book or movie and hasn’t yet returned it.

Evernote is a great, worthy app. Give it one chance, all you who do not seem to notice its brighter side. And trust me, you’ll never go disappointed.


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