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How to Deal With Cyberbullying and its Bad Effects

The war had started even before #GamerGate existed and with the advent of Technology itself, maybe.

Have anything that enables digital connectivity and you are as prone to cyberbullying as that child down the lane to bullying at school. This mishap can happen to you anywhere and anytime, even if you are relaxing in the comfort of your bed at home. And, the effects of it can be devastating, often painful, embarrassing, depressing and sometimes even fatal. Lean not to be tolerant anymore. But, before that, learn how a bully behaves over the Internet.

The game begins with passing threats via text messages, e-mails and IMs.

This is the saddest and darkest side of technological advancements – the use of digital devices for the most wrong purpose. To handle such situation, remember to never lose your calm. You must never respond to such actions, no matter what. Your reaction is all that the bully wants. So, instead of discouraging, you will end up provoking him more.

Rather than responding to such messages, especially sexts, you can try saving the evidence and take legal actions later. Block such contacts immediately and report the activities to the ISP used. And if you have guardians, remember to inform them about the incident. Never should you try cyberbullying yourself for the sake of revenge. You don’t want to step in the wrong square yourself, do you?

Your online accounts may be breached and personal information stolen.

Once breached, these accounts may be used by the bully to post abusive content in your name. Social media, individual websites, forum, chat rooms and any other digital connecting site, a cyberbully can take up any account to defame you. If the case is this, then don’t panic. You might take a wrong step in anxiety. And yes, always consider seeking legal help. Do not engage in these accounts for some time. Deleting them permanently isn’t a solution. It will encourage your rivals even more.

Understand the situation. Psychological self-healing is above everything else.

If you are being bullied online, it is not your fault. Do not blame yourself for the mishap. A cyberbully behaves that way because perhaps he has led a miserable, frustrating life earlier. In most cases, such people turn out to be revenge-seeking social outcasts who never were bold enough to take their stand.

And, if embarrassment and stress bother you, try taking an elder’s or a counselor’s help. Love yourself the most, engage in positive activities, hobbies, talks, exercises, meditation, or anything for the matter that makes you happy. Keep away from negative thoughts and that’s already half the battle won.

The law is strict. Use it as your weapon.

No constitution, written or unwritten, has ever tolerated cyberbullying. Everywhere, it has been marked as a serious punishable offense. Often, there are very stringent laws against those who dare to breach the unsaid rules of digital media. Learn about what your country’s constitution says and utilize the law for your own good.

Above all, keep all your online accounts, especially, social media profiles, very secured. Do not accept requests from unknown sources or take part in polls and games that operate in a suspicious way. Keep changing your passwords more often. Do not give away any confidential information anywhere just because you were asked to.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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