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Is Wearable Technology The New Style Statement

Wearable gadgets have always been popular and will remain popular among the people. From smartwatches to fitness trackers or smartclothing are all becoming a part of it.

Technology has now a different set of meaning altogether. With every people defining them in their own set of terms. Each passing year technological advancements are becoming more widespread.

Technology Meets Fashion

The latest fad amongst the people from all across the world is to go for Wearable Technology. Over the last few decades we have seen a steep rise in the sale of these technological gadgets. Wearable technology has lead to numerous possibilities in the fashion industry. Wide array of devices are being designed each day, and the manufacturer are proclaiming them to be made in such a way so that they are portable in nature

Wearable Technology: The Game Changer

Wearable Technology are basically technological devices that can be worn by the people. It can comprise of clothing to accessories, or it might be just anything.

True lovers of technology or better be said ‘tech savvy’, can’t wait to get their hands on the next best tech gadgets that are rolled out in the market. Some of these gadgets costs a mini fortune while some gadgets are not even within the purchasing capability of a common man. Wearable technology or better be known as tech-togs have advanced technology incorporated in them.

How Wearables Fit Into Big Business Portable Procedure ?

Most organizations are as of now catching-up in creating applications for smartphones and tablets, so how applications for wearable innovation will influence the portable methods of endeavors is unadulterated guess right now. How well representatives get wearable gadgets will turn on how important the applications organizations produce for them are. The applications will need to make representatives’ employments simpler and more proficient notwithstanding giving some individual advantage.

Sneak Peak On Some Of The Wearable Gadgets

  • Google Glass – This gadget comprises of an optical head-mounted presentation (OHMD). Google Glass is essentially a wearable machine, which permits clients to do a large portion of the capacities they perform on a cell phone gadget, in a without hands position. The gadget accompanies a 5 MP cam. Voice summons can be utilized to work Google Glass.
  • Pebble Watch – It is developed by Pebble Technology. It can join with Android-based cell phones and the iphone, by the help of bluetooth. There are numerous applications of Pebble that one can make utilization of.

Consumers are finding various types of SmartWatches and Fitness Trackers rolling out in the market every alternate day. Various companies coming out with new designs and with a little more advanced features than the other devices.

2015 – Year Of More Advanced Wearable Technology.

This January, all eyes are on Las Vegas for the world’s largest technology trade show – International CES. It is here that the manufacturers from all over the world will be showcasing their latest wearable gadgets; with the hope that it gets the attention of the tech savvy people.

The highly waited item for this year is Apple’s smart watch – Apple Watch. Apart from being beautifully engineered, it is also having a stylish look. It is bound to make a fashion statement and a status symbol for the fashionistas. The watch has been making a highly anticipated foray into wearable technology. Although, user’s wrists have already adorned Google’s watches from the other leading brands, LG, Sony, Samsung ,etc.

Smartclothings – Yes, wearable technology will not only be limited to gadgets, this year. Smartclothings are going to hit the shelves very soon. Initially it was only the priviledge of the few to wear them, especially the elite athletes. Brand-kings like Under Armour, Adidas, etc, have given the viewers a glimpse of new smartshirts at the US Open Tennis Tournament. They have also announced to launch sooner sports tops which will be having a built-in heart rate monitoring and respiration monitoring device.

The Result:

Hence, wearable technology is making a huge appeal into the niche market. Although it has been a much debated topic, that technology apart from making our lives easier is also having a negative impact on the lifestyle of people.

Actually, it is a matter of choice, for the people as to which path they choose. These type of subjects will always remain the topic of discussion and the repurcussions of this are open to the interpretation of the people.

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