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LinkedIn Elevate: It’s a Paid, Closed Pilot. But, It’s Worth the Money

Expectation level: High

The Scene:
Content shared amongst business entities and professionals need to be meaningful, and of high-quality. This is true, especially if a company is trying to promote itself on social media via strategies as such. So, how about an app that assists in curating, scheduling and sharing content?

About Elevate, the paid app from LinkedIn:
LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking platform, has come up with this new application. Elevate is a paid software, which runs on an algorithm that suggests articles to users. This app has been designed in such a way that it helps employees share company-related content online, and also facilitates estimating website traffic, profile views, sales lead generation and employments.

At present, Elevate is closed and backed by partners – Unilever, Quintiles and Adobe. It is available for companies based on invitations. The app can run on desktop, Android OS and iOS, which makes it very versatile. Plans are of making it open by Q3 of this year, along with revealing the prices.

How does the algorithm function?
It takes in relevant content suggestions from LinkedIn Pulse, Newsle, manual activities and curation. The users are then, allowed to schedule and share these links on LinkedIn and Twitter (Facebook is on the cards, too). So, it is kind of a ‘social content planning’ activity that goes on with Elevate. Footsteps of Hootsuite and Buffer are being followed, kind of.

Will it help marketing professionals?
Yes, immensely. Digital marketing will witness a new sunshine. No worries if you are out of link stock. Elevate will always be there suggesting content for you. Also, the app will enable tracking content for specific topic areas. For instance, if you are an Engineering firm madly on a hiring spree, the app will suggest content related to this objective entirely. In a nutshell, your social media wheels will always be running at high speed.

Pros: It will encourage employees to share company-related news, which is good. Elevate shall be a great way to increase profile views and grow professional network.

Cons: It is a paid and closed pilot until, probably, Q3 of this year.

Bottom line: Paid or free, the app’s going to be awesome.


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