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Mobile App Market: Watch Out For Some Mobile Application Development Trends In 2016

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are highly in demand over the last couple of years, as they are making it feasible for the smartphone users to do everything from shopping to online ordering of their favorite food; hiring cabs to money transactions; and significantly many more things. The powerful blend of smartphones and mobile applications have created a whole new digital sphere which does not hint of backing out in the near future.

Significance Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

Business organizations have understood the significance of one of the best tools that can boost up their income is through smartphones and that too with the enchantment of innovative mobile applications in it. The number of smartphone users has been expanding exponentially with each passing year. It is expected that by the year 2017, the number of users would grow to 3 billion. Also we have seen that, enterprise mobility is likewise picking up force, as is the field of mobile application development.

A report proposed that more than 60 percent of the traffic for the nine greatest US retail sites originated from mobile phones and a large portion of them came from mobile apps. Truth be told, mobile app development is more mainstream and will absolutely revolutionize the way we experience our daily lives and interface with data.

Recent Technological Trends

The past couple of years have been important for the mobile application industry, as it got to witness some breakneck innovations. The innovations were not only limited to the launch of various smartphones, but also with the coming up of many phenomenal gadgets like Apple Watch, Fitness trackers, Google Glass, and other wearables. With technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Computing coming up, it seems like mobile technology industry is going for a drastic makeover.

Trend In The App Sector

The app development sector is gearing up for a massive transformation due to various trends. It has already seen a number of changes, and it is expected that in 2016 it will bring even more innovations. The coming up of new technologies, new programming languages, and the wearable tech revolution, etc., are the foundation stone for creating a new mobile app scenario which will look vastly different from the previous app development. The mobile app developers always try to remain ahead by keeping themselves updated with the latest technological innovations and ready to embrace the upcoming ones.

So, what’s expected to change in the world of mobile app development in the year 2016? Let’s take sneak-peak at some of the mobile app development trends that are expected to be seen in 2016.

1. Embracing Internet of Things – Internet of Things (IoT) which basically works as ‘system of systems’ is going to take center stage in app development. The mobile app development industry is going to enter a new level with new innovations such as wearable devices going to catapult the IoT and implementations that can open a pervasive world with connectivity and information.

As indicated by Cisco, the Internet of Thing has made a $19 trillion industry and this number will increase more than 30 percent by the year 2019. Actually, in the coming 5 years, 5 billion people will be connected to 50 billion things. Some important IoT trends that needs to be watched out are new gadgets, development of new guidelines for multi-sensor support and M2M automation, vertical IoT services and a great deal of privacy concerns. These trends obviously demonstrate a boom around Internet of Things, which will prompt an expanded reception of related items and a development of the required biological community.

Since IoT will be everywhere like smart gadgets, developers are urged to make adaptable mobile experience grasping those new open doors gave by the sensors around. The first Internet of Things (IoT) gadget anticipated to take off will be the ‘smart thermostat’, with connected security frameworks and smart refrigerators.

2. Apple’s Swift Programming Language – The brand new programming language from Apple – Swift is attracting a lot of developers. Even a few years back, most of the app developers created apps using the traditional programming languages like C++, HTML, Objective C, and so on. But, now one can see developers slowly adopting Swift. Some of the biggest companies like LinkedIn, Vine are now using this language. Planned both as an application language and also as system language, it is based on an advanced compiler foundation and gives developers the chance to compose more reliable code right from the starting point.

3. Integrating With Cloud Technology – Cloud technology played a significant role throughout 2015, for the mobile app development industry. Hence, it is expected that the apps will make more use of this technology in the coming year as well. The reason behind the proliferation of cloud-based applications are mainly two-fold. Firstly, it can help the developers to keep the size of the apps small. Secondly, because of cloud compatibility it can help to synchronize the apps for multiple devices. It is in fact a necessity, considering the huge number of mobile devices and their popularity.

4. Beacon Technology – Beacon (Beam) technology has reduced the bottom line between online and offline. Almost every industrial sector, i.e., retail, advertising, hospitality, healthcare, tourism, education, entertainment, real estate, etc, are reaping the benefits of the Beacon technology, also known as Beacon Wi-Fi services. This technology has already been a part of iOS devices and is expected to be followed by the Android devices in the coming year. By integrating this technology into the mobile devices, the mobile devices can work as multi-functionality device. Thus, it can help the device to perform wide number of tasks, which was not possible to perform before.

5. App Security – According to a report published by Gartner, almost 80% of the mobile applications fail to pass the security tests. Also the report suggested that the users are getting more concerned about the security of the mobile apps. This is not because of the transactions that are usually conducted through the apps, but also because of many vital information being stored in the apps.

Hackers will try to take advantage of the ‘security gaps’ in mobile applications and will obtain the sensitive data. Thus, security remains the biggest challenge in mobile app development. Therefore, for the developers security issues like broken cryptography, insecure data storage, etc., seriously. Currently, very few apps have passed basic security tests against hacking, but with the cyber security threat looming on the minds of the businesses and consumers, developers needs to take a serious look in dealing with security issues.

6. Better User Experience Through App Analytics and Big Data – User experience development have become a popular term, with the coming up of many high-tech mobile devices. User- experience should be given prior importance. The usage of tablets, smartphones increasing day by day, app user experience is getting vital. The motto behind app development process is to offer a pleasant and better app experience, as it will help to hold on the consumers. Therefore, Data Analytics and Big Data are playing a leading role in helping the developers to usher in new improvements to user- experience.
In this way, it would just not be sensible to partition the effective mobile application development from Analytics and Big Data. Business organizations demand for instant insight into real time information that demonstrates their client’s conduct and choice making process. Truth be told, the relationship between the two results in proficient business forms from one viewpoint and enhancements in client experience then again.

To Conclude
With 2016, knocking the door, one thing that is crystal clear to us is that mobile apps are here to stay. Businesses in order to compete with the rapidly growing mobile environment should adopt to the ongoing and upcoming mobile app development trends.Thus the mobile app development industry is all set to see a vast shift in 2016, that will completely redefine the app landscape.


  1. The world of mobile app development never stands still. No matter the operating system on which you want your apps to run, you always have to take into account new technology innovations and consumer trends that will affect the success of your app.

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