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Muse Art Lock Screen: An App That Allows You To Go Through Different Classic Art

Ratings: ★★★☆

Muse Art Lock Screen is a magnificent app which can display random beautiful works of art on Android’s lock screen. Well, it is a lock screen substitution application for Android that offers client the capacity to supplant their old lock screen with random, beautiful piece of artwork. User can opt different artworks every time they open their Android smartphone or tablet.


After downloading the app form Google Play Store, it can be used by replacing the lock screen. Users can use the app for light-customization. The details about the published work of art can be seen while browsing through the collections and also finding the favorites.Through this app, users can check through the various works of art of an artist, and make one’s own collection of favorites.

The app also allows to check out the various art blogs and the art sections of popular sites, like Huffington Post, The New York Times, and so on. A simple app which offers a lot of content. Users will just need to set up the app and browse the various artwork or wait until it appears on the lock screen.


  • The app greets the users with curated fine art, when the user looks onto the screen. The app allows the users to build up their own picture gallery.
  • The app provides updates and information about and from the world’s most famous magazines and art institutions.
  • For unlocking the device users will have to swipe right, and swipe left for exploring options like reading details about the artist or about the piece of work.
  • Users can go over the 2000 artists who are listed within Muse, including both new and old ones. The data on 2,000 specialists is incorporated in order to help a person learn about their loved artists or coming contemporaries.
  • Screenshot can not be taken of the lock screen, but if one loves or like a work of art, one can save it to the favorites or the virtual gallery within Muse. Even users can share the art with others.
  • The app allows the users to view the pictures in landscape and portrait orientation.


  • Using the app is very simple. It does not entail any complicated process. Just enabling it after downloading it, the app is ready to use.
  • With almost 100,000 pieces of art available for the users to browse through, and there’s no lack of quality staff.
  • The app can pick work of art, that is more qualified to the taste of the user.
  • The app is free to download from the Google Play Store, and there is no need of in-app purchases.
  • Any favorite work of art can be saved into the gallery, so that it can be shared with friends at any point of time.


  • The stock lock screen can not be replaced automatically. But it can be changed through the settings feature.
  • A little drawback of the app is that, there is no way of adding notification to the lockscreen which could be a little annoying.
  • Muse Art do not have any security settings. But it allows the stock Android lock screen to remain enabled, in case one needs it for security purposes.

To Sum Up -

A fairly easy to use lock-screen app, that shows various works of art, right up at the lock screen.
Those who love classic artworks can use this app for showcasing some favorite artworks on their lock-screen.

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