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Overdose of innovations :10 iconic iphone apps for all time.

Gone are the days , when we used to sit with our phones playing the snake game on our Nokia phone or may be battling the imaginative aliens in our mobile apps. It was good time pass for all of us and more so in killing time in a toilet or probably in the airport. Kids in the 90s enjoyed their gala time in Pcs playing the video games and mainly snorted at the poor performance of the mobile games.

However, in today’s time mobile apps have crossed all kinds of boundaries and have expanded in such a way that anyone could have ever imagined.Moreover, you do not need special graphics to be used for games like snake,Minecraft, and Tetris .Here is my crack on top 10 iPhone apps which will be remembered and enjoyed by many of us.

Paper toss

It is one of the simplest game. It was set at an office where the player has to flick the paper into the bin. What made it more challenging was that there is the fan running in the space.Players are mainly scored how many times they have tossed the paper into the bin. Though it was a simple game yet it went viral when it was released on 6th June 2009. It was just perfect game to kill time and it was pretty soon popular among the nongamers including my mom who got it downloaded!

Game of war:Fire age :

This was more popular because it had kate Upton riding a horse in slow motion.In fact, a whole lot of money was spent on the marketing were on the promotions Kate Upton actually dressed as Athena.She was the face of the game’s advertising campaign.This was mainly a game which called into action where the players were constantly pushed to buy in-game perks by making a payment. This game had a lot of flaws including questioning your faith in humanity. Yet it stands as the most popular one and stays on top grossing charts.

Flappy bird :

In 2013 it was developed by two superheroes an artist and a programmer.In this game, the players control the bird who attempts to fly in between the green pipes. This has the little story as well and many people do not know about it. The developers had designed the bird protagonist earlier for a different app but the app got canceled. Yet the flappy bird was the most downloaded app and received quite a lot of praises and criticism from the public because of its graphics designs and difficulty. Yet it earned 50,000 into app advertisements and in the sales.But in 2014 with popularity it just got faded up where with high price.

Draw something :

This was the finest social app which reached out globally.The game’s popularity actually peaked on its sale.A player can draw something and challenge their friends through facebook where the latter ahs to guess. This was eventually a fun game as challenging your friends is most enjoyable and hence it spread rapidly.Within 5 weeks it was downloaded 20 million times. Yet the popularity dropped and it started fading but every group of friends who played the game had a wonderful experience.

Clash of clans :

This game still tops the charts and it is a freemium model.This game was published and related by supercell who offers the best content every year to us. This game was released for ios platforms.It is mainly an online multiplayer game in which the players normally forms a clan by their resources and attacks the other players to earns golds. It is one of the most accessible games where the high-level players have to upgrade everything if they really want the gems as a currency.Supercell has developed the best game.2013 was considered as a new era in the single player gaming on the mobile devices was considered as the 3rd highest game generated on an app store.In 2015 the game was a top grossing app earned 1.5 million per day.

Words of friends :

Words of friends are exactly like a scrabble the only difference is that you won’t lose your pieces into the couch.However, it is not associated with the original scrabble brand.Although it had same rules . An app is a great thing to play scrabbles. One would eventually know if he or she is making a word or not. In fact, the game goes in a way that if you are not satisfied with how fast your opponent is playing you can randomly challenge some other person. Perhaps the most interesting fact is that the number of romantic relationships that came from the chat function. Most amazing thing is that people have actually met and gotten married through the words with friends. Not many knew that words of friends were a romantic game !

Doodle Jump :

Another hit on the iPhone that actually won a lot of hearts. It is one of the most popular game to mainly utilize accelerometer controls, not just the traditional tapping.It is a casual and a fun game where at the age of 3 to 100 anyone can play and enjoy the game.It was released in April 2009 and mainly reached out to 25,000 downloads daily.

Fruit Ninja :

It is mainly very innovative and unique in its own way. It goes really well on the touch – screen and is also very addictive.The game tosses up a fruit in the air and the player has to slice it with the finger before falls into the ground. Sometimes the game will throw bombs which should be much avoided.
Fruit ninja was released in 2010 and got popular in social sites like facebook and twitter.It reached about 300 million downloads in 2012.

Temple Run :

This can be called the most innovative and addictive game . In fact, I had the best experience while playing this game. It continues to troll you and amaze you with the different characters. A player is constantly running away from the monsters and would run,jump and slide away to rescue oneself from the demon monkeys. The user can always rotate the phone in case of running and not getting eaten . But unfortunately you can never get the way and your treasure character would die.One can also buy helpful items from the gems they have collected. Temple run has also peaked to success just when it got released.In fact temple run has also inspired many copy- cat apps and also inspired book fiction series and also books.

Angry bird :

I think my 7-year-old niece snatches my phone and plays Angry birds game. I don’t think any other iPhone app has gained so much success and popularity that angry bird. The game is more in an old style where the objects are flinging in the castles and putting cute characters to it. It is one of the first mobile games and has also reached out universal success.It has gained popularity over two billion downloads and also on all the platforms. In fact, there is also a television series with full length animated movies. With adaptations of toys and sports everywhere.For me , if there is one iconic gaming app then it has to be angry birds.

Conclusion :
Videos games have always been our favorites but mobile games would continue to rule us and will be played by the generations ahead of us.

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