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The 10 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs

As we have almost reached to the end of 2016, we realized that people are more inclining towards freelancing. They prefer work from home. People have become more comfortable in being their boss and doing things just the way they wish to even if that counts for just having full – time job. According to the reports it has been seen that 54 million people have actually joined as a freelancer. It has been seen that several job sites have actually risen up to communicate with the buyers as well as the sellers to provide them with more opportunities. In fact if you are actually want to make a mark in 2017, you must know the 10 best freelance websites to get jobs.

Toptal :
This is one of the most popular and widely used site. It connects the clients and freelance developers from all across the world. It also works in technical projects and it also screens freelancers in English speaking, technical knowledge, and skill. It also helps the clients to find the best jobs.

Freelancer :
Freelancers mainly host such projects which mainly creates the competitive edge . It hosts such projects with the money prize. This helps the employees to showcase their talent which in a way would also help in the hiring process.

ProjectSpout is an easy to use online market place of wide range of digital products and services to their customers all across the world, where in one can select their respective area of interest. You can be a full time to part time freelancer here.

Up work :
This site is designed in such a way that one can get jobs in virtual assistants to paralegal work.It mainly offers fixed priced projects and no vetting or any kind of screening for clients. They mainly go for an interview process.

99 designs :
Although it is mainly designed for the designer platform yet it gives cool vibes for a freelancer platform where the clients mainly crowdsource their projects. They do a brief submitting and then thy just submits the projects. Clients find the best freelance projects and the designer gets the money .

Flexjobs :
It mainly provides a list of jobs and the freelancers can also apply to the jobs through contact information and the service also offer skill testing,job search tips and the special members can mainly create the freelance network and also provide benefits.

Guru :
It is a freelance platform and it can look through the freelancer’s portfolios properly and client reviews and skills as well to check the experience.Freelancer can get the idea from this portfolios.

Crowded :
It is such a site that mainly accounts for putting the supply and demand problem in complete balance . The main aim is to find out that where the freelancers get the opportunities where are the freelancers being hired. It makes them available to the network of freelancers.

People per hour :
It is sites which mainly hires web developers, SEO experts, and as marketing head. It mainly helps to create web experience which helps to create the good experience for them.

Simply hired :
This site is mainly for the freelancers and it cannot be ignored at all.The site has a large and unique supporting and unique visitors To reach out to more searches.

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