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The heart to heart connection is only possible : when your mobile has emoji,mojis and gifs.

The popularity of social media is increasing day by day. Gone are the days when people replied in a simple text . The funniest part is even ”emojis ” are considered as words in the oxford dictionary you and still wonder how?

”face of tear joy” was named as the word of the year. Such kinds of messaging techniques are used to attract the younger generation. The brands actually designed it in away so that it can reach a wider audience. What still keeps us curious is that “emojis” are the new tools to pour heart out. With the signs and other surveys one of the thing is for sure that 2016 will be year where brands will be so much inclined in marketing that they would advertise so much that people are compelled to speak about their brands!!

The emoji images like two bottles clinging together ”cheers”, when you congratulate some one a ” thumps up ” sign is shown. It is designed in a way that it attracts every one a not just the younger generation. Its like a brainy thing to do like introducing branded videos, branded messaging when they know that entire world will be engaged into ”MESSAGING”.By such new methods it not only inspires the conversation but we are mainly a ” topic of the conversation’.


If you have missed your favorite show , ”mojis” are really helpful in this . You can personalize your own video clips and tv moments. Skype has introduced ”mojis”.The mobile messaging introduced GIFS in the chat experience. What adds to more fun is emoji, GIFS,photo filters, photo frames,videos and chat pages. Such pieces of work are only done to attract the GEN X and which includes mobile messaging, dating and photo editing apps.

How to reach the young minds?

The easier it is used the better it is for the customers to adapt.
The brand is all in all .. it takes care how and when an app should be launched !also to make an advertising page which looks attractive for the users.

The messaging techniques can be increased by increasing the video-chats ,contests and various other mediums. The best way to reach the maximum audience is to advertise on social mediums where people can view the most.

One of the most important tool – keyboard.

one of the most interactive location of messaging is the keyboard. It is designed in such a way that it reaches GEN Y audience. It has about 60 messaging apps ,and various other photo editing apps.


of various mobile ads are also basic way of advertising to reach the targeting audience. It is one of the most unique method that they have adopted which shows their capabilities and more so their way of bringing innovative ideas so as to satisfy the audience in the long run. Ios and androids actually offers ubiquity that is not possible for the traditional ads.

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