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Time to reveal the secrets out as why the android users are inclined towards iOS devices

There will be thumbs up and thumbs down for android and for iOS devices . The question arises as which is for better use? Here in this blog i have summarised how androids have been taken over by iOS devices and how . The features of the iOS have actually outsmarted the features of the androids to know more read more.

Starting from the looks the homescreen it might not look different but it is a whole bunch of features which apple has introduced to us.

Grab the first glance at the Apple features :

The best thing about the new update is the Apple news . Where browsers can just click the news app and can add on the publishers’s side and can find the content whenever neccessary . The amazing part is that the developers have kept the features simple yet elegant so that it can be used by the customers easily and most effectively.

Allow a twin – one feature :

The second most amazing feature of is that the browsers could never do multitasking but with the with the new app split view , the browsers can actaully view or do two things in one go . He can view a picture on screen and at the same time write a document . Both on the screen side by side.

Another interesting thing is that one can switch on from one app to another by just tapping the homescreen while doing facetime as well.

Siri is as helpful as before :

With the recent app and updates you just need to type a sentence for exaample ” I need to get my key ,remind it to me later ” and SIRI is at its best would surely remind you that. The earlier versions were naturally a reminder of the birthdays , events and other things but the newer pones are much better.

Note to note what you want for christmas :

Want to make a do- list in christmas? and you are really clumsy to note in a paper. Here ‘s a new feature app where you can surely add all all the pictures, videos and maps on the new app called notes.

The introduction of battery – doctor :

The more the features are being introduced the more you will be amazed. You must be wondering that with every new app update 1 % of charge is being lost . But then with latest update a battery life is being introduced where the sensors pf the phone would work out when the battery is low.

Go for a better change :

I know i know its not another feature but then with amazing features that you have witnessed in the blog i think its high time to actually install the “ move to iOS ” ignoring the whole procedures of copying everything on a android device. This app is mainly to cut down the long proceducers if one is ready to change. You surely know what to do .

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