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Ways In Which Barcode Scanning Technology Are Integrating Into Mobile Apps & Influencing Our Mainstream Life

You don’t need to be a genius in order to learn about ‘Barcode Technology’. Barcodes existed over quite a long time and no one will disagree with this fact nor will they call this technology as a revolutionary thing.

Barcode Technology: Knowing About It

Barcode Technology works on the principle known as Symbology. Symbology in its basic form is defined as the barcode; it determines the mapping and interpretation of the encoded information. The encoding allows the scanning devices to know from where a digit or a character or digit starts and where it ends. Barcodes can be recognized as an array of alternating parallel white and black lines. Barcode technology provides a simple and inexpensive way to record data or information in numerous applications.

The Debate

One question which might strike us, is what’s the use of barcode technology when more advanced tools like near field communication (NFC) are available to the end users?
To answer their queries, barcodes are very simple, easy to use, and can be easily integrated within the applications. Thence, they are rendered to be quite useful, especially for the sellers, i.e., who are selling products. Barcode readers are used to read and output printed barcodes by taking the help of a computer.

Smartphones with auto-focus are best suited for this technology. But, the more better the cellphone is, far better is the chance to have a great app experience. One will find many convenient barcode scanner apps that are compatible with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows phones. Apple’s iOS do not have barcode scanning technology built within,however users can easily find a number of third party tools for their devices which can help them in scanning barcodes.

Technical Prerequisites Of Barcode Scanning Integration

Cellphone cameras that do not comes with auto-focus option are not suitable for barcode reading or scanning. It is vital that the cellphone has no less than an insignificant camera ability before having the capacity to peruse the barcode or standardized tag.

Be that as it may, 2D barcodes and codes, for example, the QR Code and Data Matrix function admirably with or without auto-focus. This is one reason why such a large number of mobile application developers are utilizing QR codes notwithstanding when they are very antiquated themselves.

Presently, NFC is not generally supported on each cellphone. Be that as it may, QR codes can be read on any cellphone that has a working camera. Therefore, various application developers are taking a gander at incorporating standardized barcode scanning technology, as in the form of QR Code perusing with the goal, that individuals can without much of a stretch read and send data just by taking pictures.

This has functioned admirably with most customers who attempt to keep data secure yet uninhibitedly accessible, without clients entering or sort a great deal of information. For instance, contact cards are shared utilizing QR Codes, while product related data or information can comparatively be shared also. These basic barcode formats guarantee that codes are rapidly and precisely perused with the goal that prospects don’t lose enthusiasm for making a move to your call.

How Barcode Scanning Technology Can Help You?

A mobile barcode scanning solution allows the user to turn their smartphones or tablets into a barcode scanning utility. Not only that, some of the applications allows users to send data to any platform that can be easily accessed. Thereby, allowing the users to work in collaboration and also maintain accuracy of data. Also for the consumers, finding information about the product is very easy with the help of this technology.

  • Music and Movies - Music and movies can easily be barcoded. For entertainment related sales, it becomes easy to barcode CD, DVD catalogs and others. This helps to keep a count on the titles sold, and people will no longer need to search for the titles physically. All information will be visible on the screen.
  • Books, Magazines - Like music, books are also barcoded. Books come with ISBN number. Apart from that it also contains many vital informations like pages, volume, weight, hard or paper bound, and so on. All these informations can be easily stored and synchronized in barcodes. This will make it easy for the consumers to read on their mobile devices.
  • Consumer Goods – Goods like groceries, non-perishable products, perishable products, etc, also can be barcoded. When a company sells their goods online, it becomes easy for them to sell the same items repeatedly without having the tension to enter the product informations again and again.
  • Retailers – Whatever items you are selling, barcodes help in cataloguing, tracking of goods and products that are sold or going to be sold. Moreover, consumers will no longer need to ask the retailers any question. They will simply have to take a picture of the barcode and all information will be within their grip.
  • Barcode Technology: Entering The Mainstream Life

    Well, we have seen that over the last few decades, barcode technology have made great strides. But now, this technology got completely integrated with the mainstream life. Starting from any type of products in a grocery store or in a merchandise store bears a UPC barcode.

    There are many ways to use barcode scanning technology – right from inventory management to consumer awareness, and many more. Whether the user is comparing prices in a store or tracking down the assets or managing inventory in the back-house, a right barcode scanner can help to turn a smartphone into a powerful business tool.

    Looking Forward

    Barcodes are omnipresent and they make things truly simple for purchasers to pick up data about an item. Additionally, one can utilize barcodes as a promoting procedure to offer consumers some assistance with getting the data they need about the items that you are offering. The best part about this technology is that it can be coordinated within applications, regardless of the possibility that the application is intended for an alternate reason.

    In the event that you are considering redesigning your current application with barcode technology or plan to merge barcode scanning with your out of the box new mobile app, it is very simple to do so. What will you need to do is, to have a thorough consultation with the app development firm who will be able to offer customized solutions for your need.

    The mobile app developers who are usually assigned the task of building custom mobile app with barcode scanning feature for their clients, should ensure that the app have barcode scanner SDK which should not only be fast, but also easy to integrate and also offers the users with a great user experience.

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