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Which Apps to Install in Your Smartphone While Traveling

Come Summer and you shall very well be planning out a travel program almost immediately.

But, from booking travel tickets, to hotel rooms to sightseeing, it’s actually a huge fuss, until the entire tour is over. So, how about some cool apps for the sake of your travel comfort? Here’s a list of all those must-have apps that you carry along without fail to sort out a hassle-free, organized journey.

From rented cars to hotel rooms to restaurants, find every details including reservations and maps using this mobile trip planner. This app has all the dexterity needed as it is equally compatible with almost all major operating systems including the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Your use of this app for traveling purpose will begin at home itself. From flight ticket to hotels room and restaurant table booking, Kayak enables its users with all. You can compare and co-ordinate with your bookings using Kayak. The biggest advantage of this app is that it takes in the famous TripAdvisor to provide its users with first hand information of hotels and places. Kayak is iOS compatible and goes with Windows Phone and Nokia’s Android.

PackPoint packing list builder:
This app simplifies your worries about what-to-pack-in-my-bag. As the name speaks, it is essentially a packing checklist builder and reminder app. What makes it different from other apps of its kind is the feature by which it prepares on its own, a list of all the things necessary for long trips. Just feed in your destination, date, stay period and purpose and you’ll be presented with the most convenient list of what to have in your suitcase. And the weather information too. PackPoint is compatible with iOS and Android.

It’s new and already famous. The app is for car renting purpose. When you ask for a car using Uber, the app will determine the approximate time needed for its arrival. There’s a range of cars along with pictures of the drivers and phone numbers to choose from. The car icon of Uber will tell you exactly where the vehicle is located. Above all, the app is credit card compatible. Uber runs on both iOS and Android.

Hotel Tonight:
It isn’t a very popular app but deserves a mention anyway. The reason is that Hotel Tonight provides last-minute room rates for vacancies – something which might prove to be a life-saver at times.

Google Translate:
Imagine yourself in a foreign country with people around you speaking an alien language incessantly. Would you not feel dreadfully out of place? How on earth are you going to connect to them? Well, there’s Google Translate to the rescue. Type your own words and speak out a foreign language. It is that simple.

It is useful specially for business purposes. The app lets you record, save and organize your thoughts literally. You may copy an information or two from the web and save images for that matter. Word documents and excel sheets are can be included too. Evernote is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phones and even a range of web browsers.

XE Currency:
This app is over 180 worldwide currency enabled and is capable of instant conversions. And there’s more. You can also learn about current foreign exchange rates and other finance news. You can subscribe to e-mails or simply follow the economic indicators calendar. It’s your finance tangle solver in one way and is accessible on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Apple Pay:
This app perhaps is the newest on the list. No more carrying around cash and cards. Forget your wallet and use the Apple Pay app for transactions. But, wait, there’s one little drawback – the thing that you may need an iPhone 6 or 6 plus to avoid compatibility issues. Still and all, it’s a great app.

Google Maps:
No, it didn’t slip out of my mind earlier. The reason why it bottoms this list is because it has recently become ubiquitous, meaning, now this app will have other apps integrated into it. Google Maps has always earned a good name as of those few apps which are out there to help you anytime, anywhere under any-goddamn conditions. And with its new third-party app integration protocol, the app has become even more wonderful.

And this is just jazz. There’s a huge list of apps out there which will make your trip even more pleasant. For now, these are the top 10. Let me know if you can come up with some more. Bon voyage!

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